Time for Tea

Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea

Enjoying a cup of tea, that is a positive step for a happy life. It’s one of the little joys. It’s appreciating the small things. It’s important to do for yourself.

Is your cup ready yet? Go ahead, go make a cup. What’s your favorite flavor?

Different flavors go with different times of day and fit different occasions and events. There are teas for the morning, afternoon tea, and teas that pair well with desserts. Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, your choice!

Tea lovers tend to have a pattern. “I always drink Earl Gray in the morning”. “I always drink Green Tea in the afternoon.” “I only drink Darjeeling.” “Oolong is my favorite.”  And tea lovers tend to have a stash of teas.

There are teas for everyday drinking, such as my large stash of green tea bags. I keep a lot of Earl Gray and mint tea on hand for quick cups too.

As you can see from my stash, I’m not partial to one particular flavor. I like variety. It might be that I like so many teas I can’t always decide which one to make next. There’s no reason to limit your tea. The choices are endless.

Assortment of speciality teas - black, green, oolong tea
Assortment of speciality teas – black, green, oolong tea

My favorite tea shop, Gong Fu Tea, offers wonderful flavors. Reading their menu takes you on a trip around the world of teas. A small cup of tea is like a short vacation to the place where it was grown.

However, I usually reserve my specialty teas for weekend treats. It takes skill to brew the tea properly using the correct water temperature and brew time.

Traditional Tea Service Set
Traditional Tea Service Set


Ceramic covered tea steaping cups
Ceramic covered tea steaping cups

Then for special occasions, I enjoy the formal tea services. It raises the whole experience to a new level. It’s quite relaxing. Some people think they can taste the difference when tea is brewed properly. Maybe so. Or maybe you notice it when you make time for tea. Either way, it’s ok as long as it brings you joy.

What’s your favorite tea flavor? Do you prefer hot or cold tea? Sweetened or not? Tea lovers understand why I think there will be a part 2 of this “Tea” post featuring collections of tea mugs.


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