Tomato Time

It is tomato time of the year. It is that time of year when the garden reaches maximum production of fresh tomatoes. It seems like the various varieties can stagger their ripening until a point at which they all come together to yield ripe tomatoes at the same time. Warm days do the charm on the tomatoes so every day you can harvest a full basket or two.

Tomatoes for Every Meal

During the peak of the season, you can enjoy fresh garden tomatoes at every meal. Have a few cherry tomatoes in your scrambled eggs for breakfast. Have a tomato sandwich or tomato soup for lunch. The dinner possibilities are endless. Think beyond sliced tomatoes, or tomatoes on your regular salad. Try broiled tomatoes with herbs and cheese on top. Try tomatoes with a blue cheese sauce. Make tomato, cucumber and onion salad. Homemade pasta sauce and pizza sauce are tasty uses of fresh tomatoes. And Tomato mozzarella salad never gets old.

Do you still have extra tomatoes? In the photos below you can see some of my favorite ways to use a lot of tomatoes at one time.  Tomatoes go a long way to bring enjoyment to your summertime meals. That’s why they are a positive step for a happy life.

Extreme Situations

Some years the harvest is just so bountiful it calls for extreme measures. What I mean is that I have to dig very deep into the piles of tomato recipes to find creative ways to use all the tomatoes. Have you ever heard of tomato infused olive oil? Try tomato butter, it’s great on a grilled cheese sandwich. Homemade tomato chutney uses a lot of tomatoes and lasts a long time in the refrigerator. You can make your own ketchup and tomato sauce too.

Never let a tomato go to waste. There is always a creative way to enjoy a fresh tomato, two or ten.

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